White lotus, Chitra Poornima


White Lotus

A seed never seen amongst the muddy waters
A seed waiting its day for infinite growth…

Alas! people pass by…
Never observed, never attended to
Remains calm… absorbing all beauties
From its polluted surroundings

Unasked, seen within the muddy waters…
A rare seed that deserves motherly love,
Comes a divine energy, gently caressing
Saying…’come on my child, you are a budding soul’

Years pass…autumn, winter, spring, summer
All a new, all fade away, all regenerate…
Gentle seed stays calm, nurtured by believes and wisdom
Changes form, strengthens its inner aspirations

A seed never seen amongst the muddy water
Turns into a beautiful lotus amongst the many lotuses
People pass…beauty unnoticed
Day by day it grows,
Petal like wings, waiting to fly

Comes a day…bathing in the glorious morning sun
There….it merges a top amongst other lotus
Reaching to touch sunrays,
Divine voices whispers ‘ child you have blossomed’
‘Go now…wherever it takes you’

Seed….full of energy
Never turning back,
Embracing and holding to divine voice
Transforms into a lotus never seen before

Oh…what fragrance
Where is this coming from?
People pass…and now mesmerised but its fragrance
Wondering where such lovely aroma…

There amongst the muddy waters
Stands a beautiful young lotus
Oh what beauty, what radiant
Its fragrance ripples many folds,
Attracting the young and the old

Never noticed, never understood by the masses
But now unasked, unsung
Singing divine melodies
In the hearts of the many
Sparkling every soul to awake
Into its infinite inner radiant beauty

Oh! Listen to thy heart’s song

You…..the “WHITE LOTUS”

Thank you Poornima