Studio hire

If you’re looking to hire a venue for your dance classes, rehearsals, workshops and 
auditions, we have so many choices when it comes to spacious and luxurious dance 
spaces. Whatever your needs are, you will find a venue that suits your needs. 



Venue A) Workshops / Seminars / Training B) Community Use C) Rehearsal (excluding blocking runs) D) Performance (including blocking runs)
(1) Mint St Main Hall  $25.00/ hr  $25.00/ hr  $25.00/ hr  $50.00/ hr
(2) Mint St Small Hall  $20.00/ hr  $20.00/ hr  N/a  N/a
(3) Mint St Meeting Room  $10.00/ hr  $10.00/ hr  N/a  N/a
(4) Beaufort St Main Hall (one half)  $30.00/ hr  $30.00/ hr  $30.00/ hr  N/a
(5) Beaufort St Main Hall (Full)  $50.00/ hr  $50.00/ hr  $50.00/ hr  $75.00/ hr
(6) Beaufort St Upstairs Hall (Full)  $25.00/ hr  $25.00/ hr  $25.00/ hr  N/a

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Terms of use

  1. Venue booking is not confirmed until the Hirer receives written confirmation from TFA. Bookings must be paid in full to be confirmed and payment for a booking must be made no less than one week prior to the booking commencement unless agreed in writing by TFA.
  2. A deposit of $50.00 or 10% of booking charge, whichever is the higher, is payable by the Hirer for each booking at the time of booking payment. The deposit shall be returned to the Hire following the corresponding booking so long as the Hirer complies with Venue hire terms and conditions. The deposit may be waived by TFA at its discretion.
  3. The Hirer shall be liable for bank and credit card fees associated with their hire of a Venue.
  4. TFA shall provide the Hirer with instructions for the collection and timely return of keys to the Venue. Any costs associated with making a key available, collecting a key or the non-return of a key shall be borne by the Hirer and may be deducted from the deposit at the discretion of TFA.
  5. No meat or alcohol is to be brought into a Venue.
  6. No footwear is to be worn inside a Venue except dance footwear or other types of footwear as agreed in writing by TFA. All non-dance footwear must be kept in designated shoe racks located at the entrance to a Venue.
  7. A Hirer must not exceed maximum occupancy of a Venue.
  8. No parking is available at the 263 Beaufort St Venue, however public carparking is available in close proximity to this Venue. TFA may, on request, provide the Hirer of the 263 Beaufort St Venue with a maximum of two (2) parking spots for the loading or unloading of equipment associated with a Hire.
  9. Car parking at the 16 Mint St Venue is available but subject to availability on the day and not guaranteed. Public carparking may be found in close proximity to the Mint St Venue.
  10. A Venue must be returned to the condition it was in upon commencing hire or else cleaning charges will be charged to the Hirer, which will be initially deducted from the deposit at TFA's discretion. Cleaning charges in excess of the deposit amount will be billed to the Hirer.
  11. Venue kitchens may be used for light refreshments supplied by the Hirer e.g. tea and coffee, water refill, storage of milk etc. Alternative usage of a Venue kitchen must be agreed in writing by TFA and may incur additional charges.
  12. Venue hire is provided exclusive of technical equipment. Technical equipment may be hired from TFA subject to availability. A list of technical equipment shall be provided by TFA on request.
  13. Personal portable electronic devices may be used by a Hirer at a Venue at the Hirer's own risk and liability.
  14. The Hirer indemnifies TFA and its associated entities against any liability, loss, claims, demands, costs and/or expenses in respect of any damage or injury to the Hirer, its officers or property or persons or property the Hirer is vicariously liable for, incurred at a Venue Site.
  15. The Hirer shall maintain public liability insurance to the value of at least $AUD 10 million or as agreed as being reasonable in writing with TFA. The Hirer shall provide TFA with relevant certificates of insurance currency on request.
  16. TFA reserves the right to not accept or cancel bookings at its discretion. In the event of cancellation, TFA will provide two (2) weeks' prior notice to the Hirer. Such notice may be shorter than two (2) weeks where TFA has to cancel a booking for a purpose beyond TFA's control.
  17. A Hirer may cancel a booking no less than two (2) weeks in advance of a confirmed booking or else the Hirer shall forgo booking payments made at the discretion of TFA.
  18. Long term, extended period or similar type bookings may incur different costs to those quoted publicly by TFA or in these terms and conditions. TFA and the Hirer shall discuss and agree such costs in writing and the Hirer will be subject to these terms and conditions.

I accept these terms and conditions

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