Rules & Regulations

Being A Student of the Temple of Fine Arts – Rules & Regulations


Regular and Punctual attendance at classes and rehearsals are compulsory. Frequent absenteeism without notice for more than 3 classes may result in de-registration.

Students are required to observe good conduct while at the premises at which dance classes are conducted and while representing TFA in any capacity.

Schedule of Classes
Students are not allowed to change classes or courses without prior approval of the teachers concerned. The assignment of teachers to classes will remain the prerogative of TFA. TFA may transfer, combine, split or dissolve a class at any given time.

Fees are payable in full and in advance on the 1st two weekends of each term. Fees once paid are non refundable and non transferable. No concession will be made for non-attendance of classes or for public holidays for the month.

Leave Application
Students are discouraged from taking frequent leave. Students are required to submit the “Leave Application” form a month earlier to their teacher if they are to be absent for more than 2 weeks. Failure to do so will entail the payment of fees during the period of absence. Students will be re graded upon return and extra classes given, if necessary, before rejoining their original class. All fees in arrears must be settled in full before leave is granted. Students who are absent for more than 1 month without prior approval will automatically be de-registered.

No classes will be held on Public Holidays and Holidays observed by TFA.

It is compulsory for all dance students of TFA to be attired in the prescribed uniform during classes. White top and black trousers. Students, who fail to follow the dress code, will not be allowed in class.

Public Performances/Property Rights
Students intending to give a public performance under the auspices of an organisation other than TFA should seek and obtain approval from the teacher concerned. All electronic recordings, photographs, scripts, costumes and props made by TFA remain the property of TFA.

General Information
In TFA, we believe in training students to be involved in some way in all our public performances (stage hand, making props, lighting, costume, make up, usher, etc) It is not an interruption of the regular classes but an aspect of the learning process of the student. We appreciate your co-operation and support.

The TFA Management reserves the right to add, amend, delete or grant a waiver on any of the above rules without prior notice.

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