Project Shreem – Shantananda Rural Education and Empowerment Mission (India)

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Our Temple of Fine Arts team in Chennai have initiated an education program as well as a water purification program called PROJECT SHREEM in the birth house of our patron, Swami Shantanand Saraswati in Tirukovilur. See below for photos and their words:


“We would like to share our joy with you. We have started the first step towards initiating a computer education program under ” Temple of Knowledge” – Project “SHREEM” (Shantananda Rural Education and Empowerment Mission) at Swamiji’s house, Tirukovilur. This was one of Swamiji’s dream for the girls in rural areas and to empower them in computer literacy.


As a part of the program, we have started the first computer course on Sept 7th 2013 for around 30 students of class 8th from Angavai Sangavai Girls high school in Tirukovilu, named after the two daughters of Paari vallal (‘Mullai-ku Ther kodutha Paari’). They were married , with the help of Avvaiyar, to Malayaman Thirumudi Kaari, the king of Tirukoilur.


The headmaster of the school spoke about a more pressing problem – lack of any facility whatsoever for the supply of drinking water in the school and toilet facilities. School has a strength of around 2500. The girls are currently using the untreated ground water for drinking.


How sadly ironic it is, that a school in the native town of Kaari vallal, named after his wives, who themselves were daughters of another great vallal Pari, has to struggle for so long for such a basic necessity as clean drinking water?


We are planning to provide purified drinking water to the school by installing a water treatment plant. It is in the final stage of consultation and will be installed as early as possible.” – Team from Chennai

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