Sushant Krishnan

Working full time in a Digital and Technology consulting firm, Sushant graduated from Saraswati Mahavidhyala in 2010 under the tutelage of  Sukhi Krishnan.

Sushant has studied Odissi since 1999 from Manjula Hari and Kathak  since 2004 from Sarasa Krishnan and is presently under the guidance of Pandit Birju Maharaj.

Also talented in  playing musical instruments such as the guitar and the piano, Sushant has had training in ballet and western contemporary dance, and has performed in USA, Europe and Asia since the age of 3.

He has been teaching Bharata Natyam since 2012 and goals for his students include, ensure they have dedication towards their art, have respect for their peers and elders and develop their skills and technique to a high standard while maintaining the correct bhava.

Sushant has grown up with dancing and the arts since childhood, and always felt completely at peace with the arts. For him, the arts are more than an outlet to channel his creativity but rather a platform that allows him to connect with a part of him that is ever still.

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