Sharmila Kumar

Sharmila Kumar graduated in Bharata Natyam in Perth, under the tutelage of Sukhi Shetty Krishnan and Sarasa Krishnan, in 2003. Since then she has also learnt Kathak from Sukhi Shetty Krishnan, Sarasa Krishnan and Manjula Radha Krishnan, and is currently continuing to learn under the guidance of Pandit Birju Maharaj.

Odissi and contemporary dance being part of her repertoire, Sharmila has participated in numerous dance productions of The Temple of Fine Arts and has also performed in various venues around the world including Italy and France.

Sharmila is currently teaching Bharata Natyam technique and her natural warmth for young children, makes her a teacher that wholly imparts her passion for dance to the young budding students.

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