Gnanaletchumy Mallika Jegasothy

Physiotherapist working in the area of Intensive and long term Rehabilitation. She has been awarded and has had recognition for work as a physiotherapist and contribution to patient care and to the profession.

Mallika has been involved in the teaching, syllabus formation and coordination of the SMV/Annalakshmi Culinary Science since 2005. She has more than 20 years expertise in both Indian and Asian Vegetarian cuisine,  cooking, catering and coordinating cooking demonstrations for Annalakshmi On the Swan, Perth.

Malika holds a Certificate III in Cookery and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment [TAE40410]
Goals for students
    • To encourage individuals to make healthy food choices that will improve personal health , family health and reduce their carbon footprint.
    • To understand  the foundation of traditional Indian and Asian vegetarian cuisine that will allow the student to create their own recipes.
    • To make vegetarian  cooking an exciting and essential part of daily diet.
    • To stimulate a love for different and challenging flavours.
    • To expose the students to  Ayurvedic principals for healthy eating and recognition of medicinal values of ingredients used. Make their  spices shelf –their  medicine cupboard.

Personal goals
  • To ensure that the Tradition of Asian Vegetarian Cuisine in general and Indian Vegetarian  Cuisine in particular , is not lost to the future generations.
  • To  prevent  loss of traditional knowledge of medicinal use of vegetables, spices and herbs [Neutraceuticals].
  • To make this knowledge relevant to the current generation and thereby preserve the knowledge for future generations.
  • To make Asian Vegetarian Cuisine an essential pathway or an alternative pathway in a Culinary Science Degree.
  • To develop an Asian Vegetarian Cooking Course for the Disability Sector, merging my  physiotherapy skills and the needs of this sector to make Healthy food  and life style choices.
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