Clear your mind, engage your body, find your soul. Learn to harness and channel the powerful mind energy….

Karate is an art. It’s a philosophy that develops the mind to be in harmony with the body. While developing physical strength, the rigours of this ancient Japanese artform simultaneously establishes deep spiritual strength and healing. Although considered a form of martial art, Karate ‘s objective is, to not only coexist with the opponent, but attain unity with him.


Just as it is the clear mirror that reflects without distortion, or the quiet valley that echoes a sound, so must one who would study Karate-do purge himself of selfish and evil thoughts, for only with a clear mind and conscience can he understand, that which he receives.

Master Gichin Funakoshi


Course specifics


Term Dates and Fee Schedule

Location: Classes are currently held at out East Vic Park studio.
Period: Class schedule follow school terms -: Terms 1 – 4 (4 X 12 week term)

See our Term Dates and Fee Schedule for further details



As places are limited, register your interest to secure a place for yourself/ your child.


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