Bharata Natyam

Experience first hand, the chaste beauty of Bharata Natyam, by learning it your self. This rich and disciplined dance style originating in South India, will engage your senses in music, mime and movement, and empower you to focus your energies and uplift your spirit.


With a team of dedicated teachers, who are the graduates of TFA/SMV, you will learn and progress through various practical and theoretical components of Bharata Natyam. The only qualifications you need, is the willingness to learn.With gurus ,Kumari Suriakala, Srimati Kamakshi Jayaraman and Sri Shankar Kandasamy overseeing the Bharata Natyam syllabus on an international level, this art is nurtured and strengthened on a dynamic pace.

When Bharata Natyam is performed by an accomplished dancer, it has the effect of mesmerising the audience into a spell-binding awe. Time stands still and one is lulled into such rapt attention with the performance that it comes close to a meditative experience. So perfect are the movements, so precise the steps, so graceful the effortless sequences, so thrilling the synchoronocity to the accompanying music …words simply fail to convey the entirety of the experience.

Little wonder therefore that it is regarded as the ‘queen’ among dance, in South India.



Course specifics



Introductory theory, basic techniques and movements prominent in Bharata Natyam, including basic steps and rhythmic pneumonic syllables. To gain an understanding and further develop skills in foot work, hand gestures, head and eye movements, rhythmic vocabulary, technical compositions and combinations.

The course comprises 5 stages. The beginner learns basic adavus and introductory dance history and theory before moving onto simple dance items such kauthvams and pushpanjali. Stage Two and Three students learn the alarippu, jathiswaram, and short pieces in abhinaya such as sabdam. Stage Four and Five students essay the varnam and thillana. All students who imminently qualify to sit for the margam or final examinations are encouraged to perform their arangetram or solo debut.

Practicum: 1 x 1 Hours Weekly
Theory (subject to availability) : 1 x 1 Hours Weekly


Term Dates and Fees

Fees: Please see our Term Dates & Fee Schedule

Location: Classes are currently held at our Beaufort St Studio
Period: Term dates follow WA public school terms dates (unless otherwise advised).



As places are limited, Register your interest to secure a place for yourself/ your child.



A selection of some of our bharata natyam students in performance


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