Bala Vihar

A fun class for 4 – 6 yr olds, preparing them on their journey to dance and movement. We believe in a world where children can find happiness and joy through creativity, movement, rhythm and colour. Let’s start their journey into a world of creativity, with our Bala Vihar classes.

Course specifics

Our Philosophy:

Based on ancient Indian values of the Gurukul system, the student offers astute awareness that the instruction that is received from the guru is precious. In turn the Guru is aware that he/she is simply a means through which knowledge is streamed from the divine.

Thus the idea of putting a price on knowledge is unthinkable. Children are taught with this ancient but relevant philosophy. The young child is gently taken through the the magical world of mythology, walked through the halls of aesthetics and revealed the nuances of the multidisciplinary fields of music, dance, spiritual thought and sciences using the medium of play.

Creating an understanding of the interrelatedness of all the arts and sciences from a tender age is the purpose of Bal Vihar classes. Creating an awareness that being a good dancer, musician or artist is secondary to being a good human being. If this is achieved we are happy. How do you put a price for this?


Children are introduced to:

  • Rhythm
  • Melody
  • Hand gestures
  • Indian mythology
  • Children express themselves through storytelling (katha).

Term Dates and Fees

Fees: Please see our Term Dates & Fee Schedule

Location: Classes are currently held at our Beaufort St Studio
Period: Term dates follow WA public school terms dates (unless otherwise advised).

Note: Children who are 4-year-olds (or turning 4 in the year of first enrolment)

  • Semester 1 enrolments are only permitted if your child turns 4 years old, between the months January – June inclusive.
  • Semester 2 enrolments are only permitted if your child turns 4 years old, between the months July – December inclusive.

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