African percussion

Get your hands and hearts beating to the drums of West Africa!


Course specifics

What you will learn

The course explores the different components of traditional rhythms, including the different percussion instruments, songs, movements and the stories behind the rhythms. Participants will learn the basic techniques in playing a variety of African drums. They will also learn a number of arrangements for traditional West African rhythms, including calls, different accompanying patterns, solos, breaks, and a song/chant.

Benefits include:

  • Builds a foundation in music, rhythmic beats and melody
  • Develops listening skills and memory
  • Promotes and increases confidence



  • 1 hour once/week
  • Every Friday at 6:30 pm
  • Held at out East Vic Park studio.
  • Students can bring their own instruments or use the instruments provided (djembe, doundoun, and sabar).





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About our Master Drummer

Master drummer Djibril Diagne is a respected and experienced teacher in the Perth African community, and will now impart his knowledge about African Percussion with you!  Djibril is versatile in many African percussions including djembe, sabar, tamar, saourouba, bougarabou and doundouns.

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