Access Cooking

Access cooking course: Paachaka Sugati (a Pilot Project)


  • Paachaka Sugati 1 – Cooking for Wellnes and health (General disability)
  • Paachaka Sugati 2 – Cooking for Wellness and Health for Visually Impaired

Cooking course for the disability sector to introduce participants to the health benefits of Indian and Asian vegetarian cuisine. Both Access courses are same in course details, course content and cost.

Course Details


  • To introduces participants to the health benefits, variety and depth of flavours inherent in Asian and Indian vegetarian cuisine.
  • To encourage, support and impart skills in Asian and Indian vegetarian cuisine that will encourage participants to make cooking vegetables an essential part of the daily diet.


Target Group:

  • Participants who are living independently in the community
  • Participants who cook for themselves and have minimal knife skills.
  • Participants who are able to sustain the rigors of a 11 weeks course.


Length of Course:

  • This course is run over 13 weeks in two blocks.
  • Block 1
    • Introduction to the flavours of Indian Vegetarian Cuisine.
    • There will be 5 practicum sessions in Indian vegetarian cuisine and 1 assessment session.
  • Block 2
    • Introduction to the flavours of Asian Vegetarian Cuisine
    • There will be 5 practicum sessions in Asian vegetarian cuisine and 1 assessment session
  • Week 13
    • 1 session when participants will be taken on a field trip to visit a gourmet shop.
    • Participants will cook under instruction and close supervision x1/week, over all 12 weeks. 1:1 or 1:2 supervision will be made available.
  • Weeks 6 and 12 are assessment weeks.
    • Participants will cook a planned menu without instruction but with supervision as required.


Number of participants

  • 6 participants, who are living independently and must have some cooking experience and safe knife skills.


Number of Instructors

  • 3 instructors + 3 supervisors.



  • 16, Mint Street, East Victoria Park. SMV Mint Street Campus.



  • 14th May – 6th August



  • Total of 4 hours, 3 hours practicum and 1 hour to clean up x1/week, for 12 weeks.



  • Pay as you feel
  • SMV has undertaken to get donors to meet all staff, equipment and ingredients costs incurred in the running of this course.



  • This is essential, to discuss with participants details outlined below. At this session there will be no cooking.
  • Orientation will be on 12th May Monday at 11 am at 16, Mint street, East Victoria Park.


Course Objectives:
On completion of this course:

  • Participants will acquire knowledge and skill in a wide variety of cooking styles.
  • Participants will have knowledge of vegetarian preparations that will enhance their wellness.
  • Participants will be have a basic understanding of how to use some common Indian spices.
  • Participants will be introduced to fresh preparations, including yoghurt based salads and sea weed based salads.
  • Participants will learn to cook a selection of vegetables, with condiments particular to Indian and Asian vegetarian cuisine.
  • Participants will learn to cook with bean, lentils and soy bean based products.
  • Participants will be taught the basics of making simple and quick pulau – rice dish varieties.
  • Participants will be taught the basics of quick vegetable dishes – one pot cooking e.g stir fry noodles and stir fry vegetables.
  • Participants will be taken on a field trip to gourmet shops, to identify ingredients they have used in their practicum sessions.


Course outline:

  • 4 hour practical session each week, over 12 weeks.
  • 3 hour practicum includes, food preparation, cooking. 1 hour for cleaning up.
  • Participants will watch a demonstration of dishes to be cooked and reproduce these under supervision.
  • Participants will be provided with all spices and raw ingredients required, cooking a quantity to serve 2 persons, which they can take away.
  • 2 field trips – 1 to an Indian gourmet and 1 to an Asian gourmet shop.



  • Participants to fill in an entry questionnaire that identifies their cooking experience.
  • Feedback is given immediately during each session.
  • Week 6 and week 12 of the cooking course are assessment sessions. Participants will be required to cook a planned menu without instruction but with supervision as required.
  • Participants to fill a questionnaire on course completion, to determine the level of cooking knowledge they have acquired.
  • Participants will be presented with a certificate, to acknowledge their attendance at this course.


Participants to provide:

  • Each participant will need to provide their own hand towels, tea towels and take away containers.
  • Take away containers need to be heat resistant and have the capacity to hold at least 2 Litres


Course Content:

  • Will be posted in March 2014.



  • All participants will be given a certificate on course completion.



  • Number of available spaces for this course is limited
  • Participants are requested to email coordinator at with all concerns and queries regarding access and participant’s particular health /medical needs as it relates to their ability to undertake the rigours of an 11 weeks course. Attendance at all sessions is essential. There are no available dates for catch up sessions.
  • All participants will be required to sign an indemnity statement before undertaking the classes.



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  • Payment details will be sent to participants registering for this course.
  • Confirmation of enrolment is on receipt of course fees.
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