Hey Govind, Raag Janasammohini

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Leading up to TFA/SMV founder’s day in April, students and teachers of
this institution are frantically trying to harness their creative energies to
present a new dance item at the birthday celebrations, to be held in Singapore
this year.
I am a Carnatic violin enthusiast and as such am very excited about being
part of the SMV aradhana. We are hopefully presenting a bhajan titled Hey
Govind, composed by Swamiji (Swami Shantanand) in Raag Janasammohini.

Growing up I’ve always
loved the lightness and beauty of this bhajan ie. all the while thinking it
was in Raag Kalavati (or Carnatic Valaj), until I was gently informed that
R2 had sneaked its way into the bhajan. So, no no, Kalavati it is not. A very curious me has spent considerable time in the past few weeks researching this rare raaga Janasammohini. I’ve come across one very informative article and a beautiful Hindustani bhajan rendition by Dr Ashwini Bhide Deshpande in this raaga. It is so very
beautiful and Aswiniji’s rendition is sublime!!!!!!!!!!

Aarthi Kamalesh