Term Dates & Fee Schedule

Learning Periods

  • The 2018 learning calendar has been restructured to two semesters to accommodate the introduction of flexible payment options.
    • Semester 1: 29th January 2018 – 1st July 2018 (21 classes)
    • Semester 2: 16th July 2018 – 9th December 2018 (19 classes)
  • Use the following link to view our SMV 2018 Learning Calendar
  • No classes will be held on WA Public Holidays, Founder’s days 7th April and 27 th July, and Deepavali* (date changes annually):


MARCH 5th – Labour Day JUNE 4th – WA Day
MARCH 30th – Good Friday JULY 27th – Founder Mahasamadhi
APRIL 1st – Easter Sunday

APRIL 2nd – Easter Monday Holiday

SEPTEMBER 24th – Queen’s Birthday
APRIL 7th – SMV Founder’s Day OCTOBER 18th – Vijayadasami
APRIL 25th – ANZAC Day NOVEMBER 7th – Deepavali



Class Fees

Following provides a summary of fees per student for a given subject within a semester, excluding GST.



  • Group: $200/semester


Bharata Natyam

  • Group: $360/semester
  • Individual: $700/semester



  • Group: $360/semester
  • Individual: $700/semester



  • Group: $360/semester
  • Individual: $700/semester



  • Group: $15 / class or Casual 5 Class Pass for $60 (5 classes for the price of 4 classes)
  • Individual: Contact us if interested


Contemporary dance^

  • Group: Casual 5 Class Pass for $65 (5 classes for the price of 4 classes)
  • Individual: Contact us if interested




  • Group: $360/semester
  • Individual: Contact us if interested



  • Group: $500/semester
  • Individual: $1200/semester


Vocal (Carnatic)

  • Group: $360/semester
  • Individual: $1200/semester



  • Group: $500/semester
  • Individual: $1200/semester


Keyboard (Carnatic)

  • Group: $500/semester
  • Individual: $1200/semester



  • Group: $500/semester
  • Individual: Contact us if interested


Piano (1/2 hour)

  • $500/semester


Linguistic Studies


  • Group: $300/semester
  • Individual: Contact us if interested



Visual Arts

  • Group: $260/semester
  • Individual:  Contact us if interested


Health and Wellbeing


  • Group classes: $15/class or 10 class casual pass for $130
  • Individual: Contact us if interested



  • A group class includes at least two or more students within a given class.
  • An individual class is a one on one class with the teacher.
  • ^ Casual classes operate on a per class basis and do not require payment in full for a given semester rather each class is paid individually or via a casual class pass.
  • Class passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Each pass can only be used by one person per class and are not transferable or refundable. Expired passes – unused classes may be carried forward if a new class pass is purchased.
  • A $30 registration fee (excl. GST) applies to all new enrolments. Existing students who take more than 18 months of leave will require to re-enrol and will be charged registration fee upon re-enrolment.


Discounts are automatically applied to enrolments for a given semester, with each discount applied individually to each student’s fees, as described in the table below:

No. of classes* enrolled 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
First student  $-  $20.00  $40.00  $60.00  $80.00  $120.00  $120.00
Second student onwards  $20.00  $40.00  $60.00  $80.00  $100.00  $120.00  $140.00

*Excludes Theory and extra classes due to exams/rehearsals.

For example:

  • If a single student takes two subjects – e.g., Bharata Natyam and Carnatic Vocal, then a $20.00 discount is applied to the student’s fees for the entire semester.
  • If three children enrol in one class each, e.g., both enrol in Kathak, then a $20.00 discount is applied to each student’s fees for Kathak, reducing the total invoice by $40.00 for the customer.

Online payment options

As of February 2018, we are introducing two new payment options for your convenience:

PAY NOW using a credit card

  • o Using a secure online portal, you can pay your fees in a once off payment
  • o Your invoice / invoice email will include a PAY NOW* link to make the payment 


PAY USING DIRECT DEBIT using a bank account or credit card.

  • Monthly payment* (debited on the 8th day of every month, between February to June)

The amount that you will pay if selecting direct debit will be determined by your invoice amount.

If you want to use direct debit, please complete the steps below “Register your direct debit details” by 5 February 2018.

* Please note transaction fees apply (see below). Additionally, we strongly recommend you read and consider the terms and conditions provided in the direct debit registration form.


Changes to cash / EFTPOS payments

If you prefer to pay your fees in person we will continue to accept EFPTOS and cash payments for the total invoice amount. This service will only be available for the first two weeks of Semester 1 2018 (29th January 2018 – 11 February 2018).

Staff will be available to accept your payment at the following times:

  • Beaufort St Studio – Cash and EFTPOS only | Saturday 9:30am – 11.30am & 1:30pm – 4pm
  • Willetton Senior High School – Cash payment only* | Thursday 6 pm– 7pm


Please note that a printed or electronic copy of the invoice needs to be provided at time of payment. Note, we will no longer be accepting electronic funds transfers moving forward.


Transaction fees

“Pay now” fees
  • Mastercard / Visa accepted with 2.2% transaction fee applied


“Direct debit” fees
  • Direct debit by bank account: 99c per debit
  • Direct debit by credit card: Mastercard / Visa accepted with 2.2% transaction fee applied per debit
  • Declined direct debits due to insufficient funds: $14.80 charged 2 days after initial debit from your bank account/credit card


Unfortunately, due to the increase in operating costs, we are no longer able absorb the full EFTPOS and credit card transactions fees incurred as part of providing this service to you. As of February 2018, all in-person EFTPOS and Credit Card transactions will incur a 1% surcharge on your invoice amount.


Late fees

A late fee of $15 will apply to overdue accounts (payments not received by the Payment due date on your invoice)  for all payment options.


Register your direct debit details

If you chose the direct debit option, we kindly request that the direct debit registration is completed by the 5 February 2018, to allow for your request to be processed. Please follow the steps below to register your direct debit details:

  1. Log in to your online account
  2. Click on the “My Account” link
  3. Click on the “Edit Billing Info” (On the left)
  4. Provide your direct debit details (bank account or credit card), click on ONE of the following buttons:
  • For Credit Card: Click on the “Add/Update Credit Card” button, complete the form with your credit card details and click on Add/Update.
  • For Bank Accounts: Click on the “Add/Update Bank Details” button, complete the form with your bank account details and click on Add/Update.

Note: Please be assured that a deduction will be made from your account only after your registration has been reviewed and accepted (within 1 week of your registration).  Your credit card/bank account details will be kept securely within the system.

Dress code

Dance – Girls

  • Bharata Natyam/Odissi Stage 1 & 2/Beginner – uniform (white top, white salwar pants), hair (tied back in high ponytail / clipped back and out of face)
  • Bharata Natyam/Odissi Stage 3/Intermediate and above – uniform (dance saree), hair (tied back in high ponytail / clipped back and out of face)
  • Kathak – uniform (white top, sash and churiddar leggings), hair (tied back in high ponytail / clipped back and out of face)

Dance – Boys

  • Bharata Natyam/Odissi Stage 1 & 2/Beginner – uniform (white top, white salwar pants), hair (neat and tidy)
  • Bharata Natyam/Odissi Stage 1 & 2/Beginner – uniform (white top, panchakatcham tied), hair (neat and tidy)
  • Kathak – uniform (white top, sash and churiddar leggings), hair (neat and tidy)

Music/Other – Unisex

Music and all other students (except those enrolled in short-term courses) need to wear white kurta top with SMV logo, if not already wearing one the above uniforms.

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