Chitragandha – The fragrant one

Bharata Natyam, Culture, Dance, News

“Are these the twin petals of a lotus

heavy with bees
or the eyes of a girl
with the tremulous glance?
Are these her curved lashes
or a still, silent swarm of bees?”
Dear friends,
Temple of Fine Arts presents you, “ Chitragandha- The fragrant one”, our first cultural evening, for the season, onSaturday, 22 February 2014.
The evening program:
6.00 – 8.00pm: Enjoy our authentic Indian Vegetarian Buffet dinner.
8.00pm: Performance  “Chitragandha” 
Venue: Annalakshmi on the Swan. 1st Floor, Western Pavilion, Barrack Square (between Jetty No. 4 and No.5), Perth.
Cost: “Eat As You Like and Pay What Your Heart Feels”
(Please note the buffet will be closed at 8pm to maintain silence for the performance.)
Bookings: At Annalakshmi in person, or phone 9221 3003 (during trading hours).
Please make your reservation to avoid disappointment. Bookings made through
e-mail will not be accepted.
Thank you,
Annalakshmi Cultural Centre of WA