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30 Jan

New classes offered in Semester 1 , 2018

Bala Vihar, Bharata Natyam, bollywood, Carnatic Music, course, Culture, Dance, kathak, Odissi, piano, tabla, veena, Vocal

We are open for enrolments in Semester 1 Regular classes We are excited to offer new classes in Bala Vihar, Bharata Natyam, Kathak, Odissi, Piano, Tabla, Tamil, Veena, Vocal View the timetable and register your interest Casual classes We are delighted to also offer casual classes in Bollywood, Contemporary and Yoga. You can buy a

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21 Mar

What is Music

Carnatic Music, Culture, indian music, Music

Here is a radio-interview given by our very own TFA music teachers Mr. Vijayendra Rao and Mrs. Manjula Vijayendra Rao from India on “What is Music”. This talk was presented in Tamil, as it was broadcasted through a local FM radio station in Coimbatore, India.

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02 Oct

Why Carnatic Music?

Carnatic Music, indian music, Music

Why Carnatic Music? This article appeared in the May 1999 issue of Keertana, the newsletter of the Carnatic Music Circle Melbourne. It has since been reprinted in other Indian publications. As a Westerner interested in Carnatic music, I am frequently asked to explain my interest and to articulate what makes South Indian music special. Both Indians

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18 Sep

Saraswati Vandana Mantra

Carnatic Music, indian music, Music

Saraswati Vandana Mantra is an important mantra that is recited for higher knowledge and wisdom. The goddess Saraswati is the authority on academics and the arts. Mantra Yaa Kundendu tushaara haara-dhavalaa, Yaa shubhra-vastra’avritha Yaa veena-vara-danda-manditakara, Yaa shwetha padma’asana Yaa brahma’achyutha shankara prabhritibhir Devai-sadaa Vanditha Saa Maam Paatu Saraswati Bhagavatee Nihshesha jaadyaa-pahaa   English Translation “May Goddess

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16 Sep

The Universal Infinite Rhythm

Carnatic Music, indian music, Music

Are art, music and supra-aesthetic science inseparable? To sing the praise of the Supreme Consciousness in a loud voice is termed ‘kirtana’. The Sanskrit root verb ‘kirt’ means to “utter something loudly so that others may also hear it”; it means to proclaim the glories of the Lord loudly for all to hear. Does Parama

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