Canning World Arts Exchange-Shelley Beach Foreshore

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Dear Friends

We wish to inform you that The Temple of Fine Arts, Perth will be performing at the upcoming event, “Canning World Arts Exchange” at the Shelley Beach Foreshore, Riverton Drive, Shelley on Saturday, 1 February 2014. This free cultural event will feature Rig Veda being chanted by 180 strong Fremantle choral choir singing live to dancers of TFA, as well as paintings being created live by our in-house artist Sarasa Krishnan as well as Meredith Russel from Adelaide, to the music of Philip Glass’s ‘SatyaGraha’ Opera that features Gandhi, Tagore and Mandela.

Please refer to for further event information. Please share this email with your family and friends and gives us an opportunity to bring joy to you.

Thank you