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The Swan Festival of Lights, Supreme Court Gardens


Our consciousness is informed by, all that we see, all that we have experienced and all that we hear and have learnt. The way that we move and act is based upon this past experience and this in turn informs the way we perceive the world.

Perception as an entity, has been in the last few years, been examined by neuroscientists as well as by theatre professionals and how it transforms consciousness.


This is an eclectic gathering of dance, movement and painting and musical expression examines this act of moving and reacting from what we perceive.



Drawing from the geometry of Indian dance, Contemporary and Ballet, Flamenco, Thai and spanning across to martial arts-(Tae Kwon Do), movement is consciously analyzed and presented through the medium of paint. Thus movement in space and movement on canvas becomes a synthesis of colour and spatial structures.


Musicians, visual artists and dancers move and paint together to create paintings in space, dance on canvas and produce music that resonates through the limbs of the artistes.



This extremely rare performance, possibly one of the world’s 1st, it is the work of one and many, for all to share in its presence equally.


3 Visual Artist from 3 different cultures come together to paint, to invoke the sacred and spiritual ‘light’ that resides in us all through colour, movement and brushstrokes, on ONE single canvas.




Visual artists:

Sarasa Krishnan (Indian), Antony Rieck (Maori), Marie Maria Rawson (Noongar)


Dancers: The Temple of Fine Arts (Sukhi Shetty-Krishnan, Sushant Krishnan, Rohini Shetty, Mandakini Krishnan, Thameesha Rathakrishnan, Sowbhagya Nagendran, Gurupriya Sutharshan, Suhasini Sutharshan,Shubsri Kandiah, Juhi Ghorpande, Sarasa Krishnan )


Ballet: Aurelie Labbe


Contemporary:  Terry Charlesworth Ballet: Jacob Noble and Jessica Martin


Tae Kwon Do: Mayuri Rathakrishnan


Thai Movement: Or Kittikong


Flamenco: Lynn Martlew


Percussionist: Vickneshwaran Ramakrishnan


Music : Jyotsna Nityanandan and musicians of The Temple of Fine Arts