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Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya

Saraswati  Mahavidhyalaya is an institution whose vision is to be a centre for artistic and scientific learning, in keeping with holistic values. The institute is the brainchild of our late patron Swami Shantanand Saraswati.

He envisioned an institute where arts and sciences, ancient and modern, can be learned and explored, synthesised into a holistic experience for the student, since “Truth is One and Paths are Many”. The ultimate goal is to serve humanity through education.

‘Saraswati’ literally means ‘that which is constantly flowing’. ‘Maha’ means great and ‘Vidhyalaya’ translates ‘to seat of knowledge’, therefore “a great seat of knowledge that constantly enlightens the ever changing and moving mind”.






An institution of higher learning that fosters a broad and engaging learning culture and encourages interdisciplinary and cross-cultural education, with the overall goal of working together to produce a positive transformation of the world.


Overarching goal

To be a world class institution of higher learning that serves humanity through arts, culture and education.



  • To promote the advancement of learning, knowledge and the professions and provision of education based on the premise that “Truth is One and Paths are Many”.
  • To promote the exchange of ideas in teaching methodology between different schools and educational disciplines.


Core values

  • Knowledge is divine
  • Search for truth
  • Education should be holistic – spiritual and moral as well as intellectual; grow the heart and spirit as well as the mind.
  • Education for the betterment of the individual, mankind and the world
  • Education is a tool to break down boundaries – encourage cross-boundary learning and research – between disciplines (arts, sciences, religion, etc), between cultures, between religions, between ancient and modern
  • Respect for knowledge and the knowledge-giver
  • Access to all who thirst for knowledge

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