“5 Vegetables and 2 fruits” – More than boil, steam and mash

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Health and Wellness should be a simple equation of eat a balanced meal and exercise. Our ancestors, with knowledge or by default, followed the idea of eating for health and wellness, they had little choice. Rigours of life in times gone by, demanded they walked everywhere and every activity was manual labour, by to-days standards.

Today we have choice, but the choice comes at a cost. Every act of daily living has been made easier by use of gadgets. We don’t have to walk, if we chose not to, we have options.

Health campaigns like ‘5 vegetables and 2 fruits “ must cost the taxpayer and it has delivered the message it intended. Is this enough?  Is the community eating better? Are we eating for Health and Wellness? Maybe!

Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya has joined forces with Annalakshmi On the Swan to develop  Indian Vegetarian , East and South East Asian Vegetarian Cooking Courses for the general public and for participants from the Disability sector. We are especially proud of our cooking course tailored to meet the needs of the visually impaired sector.  

Our next project is to take Vegetarian Cuisine, in particular Indian, East Asian and South East Asian Vegetarian Cuisine into Hospitality Training. Make Asian Vegetarian Cuisine, an essential pathway or an alternative pathway in a Culinary Science Degree. 

We can make ‘5 vegetables and 2 fruits” a culinary skill you can acquire, make it an essential   enjoyable part of your daily diet  and a gastronomic experience for your family.

Join us at SMV/Annalakshmi Culinary Science.